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How much does the Driving Lessons cost in Melbourne, Australia?

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Getting the Driver’s License is all learner drivers dream and the journey to get the license is certainly not easy and cheap. There is a high cost associated with the driving lessons and this cost may vary from one driving school to the other one. This article will guide you through the various costs associated with the Driving Lessons & the Drive Test charges.

Learner driver taking driving lesson

Firstly, there is no such thing as cheap driving lessons. In Melbourne the average cost of Driving lessons is around $65 per hour and varies from $55-$120 per hour. The cost associated with the driving lessons varies from one driving school to the other and

depending on the service areas as well. It also depends on the transmission i.e., if you are doing your lessons on a Manual or Automatic Car. Manual Driving lessons do start from $70 per hour. The other factors affecting the cost associated with the Driving Lessons is the repute of the Driving School and the experience of the Driving Instructors including the accreditation/qualification and knowledge of the VicRoads Drive Test Criteria and Drive Test Routes.

Beginner Learner Driving Lessons start from pretty much around $55 per hour. These lessons cover the basic manoeuvring required to handle the car along with the road rule knowledge. The difficulty and contents of the lessons keep changing as per the skill level of the learners. The lesson prices on the weekends may be higher from anywhere $65 per hour and above. To have a detailed information on the lesson pricing and if you are looking for a driving school near you , please visit Safe N Smart Driving School Wollert, and please click here for pricing guide.

Test Preparation Lessons or Drive Test Route Lessons/Assessment Lessons/Mock Test are suitable for learners who are ready for the Drive Test. In case of learner drivers completing their logbook, they can start their Test Preparation Lessons from as soon as when they have completed 100 hours in their logbook and feel like they are confident to sit for the drive test. The Drive Test Preparation lessons/Mock Test/ Test Route Lessons start on the average from $75 per hour. If you are an Overseas License holder and are looking to get some lessons to convert your overseas license to Victorian Driving License, then you can straight away start with the test preparation lessons and Drive Test Route lessons. At Safe N Smart Driving School, we provide test preparation lessons/drive test route lessons in Coolaroo, Bundoora, Broadmeadows and many other VicRoads License Testing Centres.

Driving Lessons cost also depend on the service areas. In some of the remote suburbs where there aren’t many driving school in the area, the lesson prices start from $65 per hour and above. If you are looking forward to having driving lessons closer to the CBD suburbs in Melbourne where its very busy, the lesson prices are around $75 per hour. The CBD driving lessons start around $90 per hour and above. Please do keep in mind that the Freeway Lessons and Night Lessons are relatively highly priced as well starting from around $75 per hour. Freeway Lessons are only recommended for learners who have got at least 40 hours of logbook experience and are confident behind the wheel with high level of concentration and observation.

learner driver passing the VicRoads drive test at VicRoads Coolaroo

How much it costs to do the Drive Test?

Different driving schools have different pricing for the Drive Test. If you are looking to do the Drive Test only and use the Driving Instructors car for the duration of the Drive Test, then you might be paying anywhere around $150. If you are looking for a Drive Test Route Lesson prior to your Drive Test, then the cost associated will depend on the duration of the Driving Lesson and the service area. 45 Mins Lesson & Drive Test may cost from anywhere $180 and over whereas 60 Mins Lesson & Drive Test may cost around $200 and over. To have a detailed information on the Drive Test pricing for Safe N Smart Driving School, please click here. Please do keep in mind that 10% GST may be charged on the prices if it is not included in the advertised price. To check the various costs associated with booking your drive test with VicRoads you can visit their website.

How can I save when I book my Driving Lessons?

The best way to save on Driving Lessons is to buy a package. The packages may save you up to 10% when you pay for it in advance. Some Driving Schools do offer Driving Lessons & Test Packages bundled in one option which do suit the learners who are ready for their test. In some cases, if you do book your Drive Test with the Driving School in advance, they might not charge you a higher price for drive test route preparation lessons and might offer them as a part of the lesson/test package which does result in savings eventually. Do keep in mind that in most cases the packages could be only used on weekdays and must be utilized within a certain time frame.

Do use the free resources available to you e.g., Keys2Drive does offer a free driving lesson to all eligible learner drivers. Please do contact us to check your eligibility for the free Keys2Drive lesson as all our Driving Instructors is Keys2Drive accredited.

driving instructor educating learner driver with the road rule knowledge

How can I make the best use of my Driving Lesson time?

The most important thing is to do some homework. You should practice with a goal in mind that this is what you would like to learn in this lesson e.g., a driving lesson dedicated to learning how to do the parallel parking. Come prepared for the lesson and assess yourself at the end of each lesson. Ask for the Driving Instructors feedback on how you went and what areas do need improvement. Do work on the areas highlighted by your Driving Instructor in your next driving class. This assessment will help you progress in less time and eventually saving on the number of driving lessons you end up taking. Again, the Driving Instructor can only guide you as per your current skill level, so set your goals accordingly. If you have only done 5 hours of driving in the logbook, do not expect your driving instructor to take you on the freeway or high-speed zones yet.

Safety on the road is a shared responsibility shared among the Learner Driver, Driving Instructor, Learners Supervising Driver, and other road users. It is very important that the Supervising Drivers/parents/elder siblings and Learner Drivers understand that learning to drive is no different than going to school, there are no short cuts to learning and you progress slowly and gradually like you do in school from prep to 12th grade. It is a step by step learning process and taking driving lessons from a professional Driving Instructor can help you achieve your goals timely and smoothly. We hope that all our readers would benifit from the post and have a fair bit of idea now regarding the cost associated with driving lessons and the drive test and how to best utilise the driving lessons time.

I would like to thank the readers for taking out the valuable time to read this article. Please do leave your comments if you do find this article helpful and do contact Safe N Smart Driving School Wollert to organize driving lessons or Drive Test.

Be Safe N Drive Smart

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