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Driving School Broadmeadows Rates & Packages

Driving test being conducted by a driving instructor

45 mins lesson package

1 X 45 mins lesson $50

5 X 45 mins lesson $240

10 X 45 mins lesson $470

Vic Roads Drive Test $180

*(All prices are exclusive of GST)

learner driver undertaking a driving lesson

60 mins lesson package

1 X 60 mins lesson $60
5 X 60 mins lesson $290
10 X 60 mins lesson $570
Vic Roads Drive Test $190
*(All prices are exclusive of GST)

A driving lesson in progree

90 mins lesson package

1 X 90 mins lesson $90

5 X 90 mins lesson $440

10 X 90 mins lesson $860

Vic Roads Drive Test $230

*(All prices are exclusive of GST)

Are you looking for a Driving School in Broadmeadows, Vic? 

Safe N Smart Driving School Broadmeadows


Well, you search ends here. At Safe 'N' Smart Driving School Broadmeadows we ensure our calm, patient, friendly and professional driving instructors excel beyond the standards within the industry. Our team of highly qualified approved trainers and assessors have a minimum qualification of Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction) and Certificate IV in workplace assessment and training, and have all had a wealth of education obtained from their experiences teaching on the road. We offer high quality, cheap and affordable driving lessons in Broadmeadows, Vic. We do specialise in Vic Roads driving test with our instructors having in depth knowledge of the drive test criteria and Broadmeadows test route.

The Broadmeadows Vic Road Licence Testing Centre is located at Cnr Pearcedale Pde & Johnstone St, Johnstone St, Broadmeadows VIC 3047. Vic Roads Broadmeadows licence testing centre does come with its own challenges of unique car park entry and exit at the start and end of a drive test. Along with its own challenges the permanent 40 zone makes it even harder for the new and unexperienced drivers. At Safe N Smart Driving School Broadmeadows we do ensure that we do make all our learner drivers familiar with all these challenges so that they can manage to pass their dive test in the very first attempt. To have more information on Safe N Smart Driving School Broadmeadows or to book in your lesson/test please do call us on 0423240629.


We focus on delivering quality driving lessons to our learner drivers which enables them not only to pass their driving test but also be safe and smart drivers for lifetime.  We have quality and expert driving instructors which are not only hired for their expertise in driving but for their dedication and passion to road safety. All driving lessons are tailored to meet individual needs. Your instructor will ask what you want out of the lesson and do not follow a strict training program. You may need to build the foundations of driving, develop low risk driving skills or have trouble with lane changing or parallel parking. Our instructors have a program to suit your driving needs.

During your driving lessons training, we take you through different types of routes which do help building up your confidence for the Driving Test. We do slowly and gradually introduce you to the challenges of solo driving which will help you to be safe and confident behind the wheel after getting your licence.


Our experienced instructors will provide you with important information on what to expect during your driving test and further advise you when you are fully ready to sit for the driving test, so that you do pass in your first attempt.

Best Driving School in Broadmeadows

We specialise in Vic Roads Driving Tests and offer the very best test training to prepare to pass your driving test. Through targeted teaching methods, we recognise your strengths and develop your weaknesses. We are continually assessing and identifying those specific skill and knowledge sets, where you need most help.

At Safe 'N' Smart driving school Broadmeadows, our instructors are known for making the learner driver’s confident by passing on the valuable knowledge they have gained over their vast on road driving experience. Our driving instructors focus not only on helping students pass their test, but develop life long safe driving skills on the road.

While we comprehend that for some, new drivers hoping to get their permit, their main objectives are getting their hours up and pass their driving test and get the licence. While this is significant, our primary objective is to make our students to become safe drivers. Our mission is to have safer roads, safer people, safer speed & safe young drivers. 

At Safe 'N' Smart Driving School Broadmeadows our instructors focus heavily on safety, i.e. not only the safety of learner drivers but also the other road users. Driving strategies are taught by the best instructors in sheltered and proficient situations. With Safe 'N' Smart Driving School in Broadmeadows, we set out to make your learning experience fun and energizing  and expect to assist you with achieving your Victorian driving licence as fast and continently possible.