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25 Reasons why Learner Drivers fail their Vic Roads Drive Test

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Passing the Vic Roads drive test is every young Victorian learner drivers dream as they can't wait to enjoy the freedom behind the wheel as soon as they get their P's. Unfortunately for many however, the Vic Roads drive test seems to be an almost impossible task with some even attempting 3-4 times before they get their licence. With close to 40% of Victorian learner drivers failing to pass their Vic Roads Drive Test on their first attempt, it's no surprise that many young drivers end up taking multiple attempts to pass which is not only time consuming but also having a financial impact. Moreover its delaying you from achieving your goals of being an independent driver or getting a new car which you have been dreaming of from a while to gift yourself on your birthday.

Learner Driver passing the Vic Roads Drive Test in the first attempt at Vic Roads Coolaroo

To pass your Vic Roads drive test you will need to put in the hours of practice before the big day itself. Learner drivers are required to take driving lessons from accredited driving instructors in order to increase their chances to pass the Vic roads drive test in the first attempt. The number of hours needed depends on the individual driver's ability, skills and knowledge. Everyone learns at a different pace. Some people might be able to pass with 10 hours of test preparation with the driving instructor after they are fully prepared and some might need bit more time depending on their driving skills and awareness of the road rules knowledge. If you think you are test ready and would like to organise an assessment lesson with our experienced Driving Instructors at Safe N Smart Driving School, Wollert then do check our our services and pricing options. We do provide assessment lessons/mock drive test on the test route areas in Bundoora, Coolaroo, Broadmeadows and many other Vic Roads Testing Centres. Assessment lessons can also be done in your local areas and we do provide services in Wollert, South Morang, Epping, Thomastown, Lalor, Craigieburn, Coolaroo, Bundoora, Broadmeadows, Mernda and many more.

It has been seen over the years that the first time pass rate of the learner drivers while sitting for the Vic Roads Drive Test is very low. But do you know that there are many reasons why learner drivers fail to pass their Vic Roads drive test?

Here is the list of most common reasons why learners fail their Vic Roads drive test. Hopefully, this guide will help you prevent these mistakes so that you can avoid taking the road test again!

Reason # 1 Not enough knowledge of the road rules - This is the most common reason why learner drivers fail Vic Roads Drive Test. Since the Vic Roads drive test is based on road rules, it is necessary to study them properly before you go for the drive test. The moment you disobey the road rules, it does contribute into critical errors and sometimes even resulting in immediate termination of the drive test. For more information on road rules and drive test criteria, visit the Vic Roads website at

learner driver taking driving lesson from an accredited driving instructor

Reason # 2 Not taking enough lessons from an accredited driving instructor - You can always choose to learn how to drive on your own but failing to take lessons from an accredited driving instructor is one of the biggest reason why learner drives do not pass in the first attempt. Driving Instructors have years of experience and have the in depth knowledge of the test criteria. Understanding the drive test criteria will make it easier for the learner drivers and increase their chances of passing the drive test in the first attempt. At Safe N Smart Driving School we offer cheap and affordable driving lessons and test packages to suit the needs of all our learner drivers and cover all the major northern suburbs of Melbourne including South Morang, Coolaroo, Bundoora, Broadmeadows, Mernda, Wollert and many more.

Reason #3 Not taking a Vic Roads pre-drive test assessment lessons - Pre Drive Test assessment lessons are very important for the preparation of the Vic Roads drive test. Your driving instructor can give you their honest feedback on how much preparation you will need and the areas you will need to work on in order to pass your drive test.

Reason #4 Not familiar with the test area – One should always know about the place where he or she is going to give their Vic Roads drive test. Vic Roads Driving Test route area knowledge is very necessary so that the learner drivers are aware of the challenges in the area and are not taken for a surprise on the day of test. At Safe N Smart Driving School, we do specialise in the test route preparation in the Vic Roads Testing Centres in Bundoora, Coolaroo and Broadmeadows.

Reason #5 Not enough knowledge Vic Roads drive test criteria – One should prepare themselves to the full extent on the day of their Vic Roads driving test. This means knowing about all the road rules and Vic roads requirements thoroughly. Most of the learner drivers are not even aware of how the drive test is conducted, what they will be required to do and what would be the duration of the test. It is very important to take professional guidance from the driving instructor or do self search to be aware of the Vic Roads drive test criteria. More information can be found on website.

Reason #6 Only doing the logbook 120 hours and attempting the Drive Test – One needs to know that doing 120 hours of the logbook is just the benchmark before you need to meet before sitting for your Vic Roads drive test but that does not mean that you are fully prepared after doing 120 hours. Some students might need more preparation as everyone learns at a different pace. It is suggested that at least 150-180 hours should be done before attempting the drive test with at least 10 hours done with a driving instructor immediately before attempting the drive test to increase your chances of passing the Vic Roads drive test in the first attempt.

Reason #7 Not having enough rest before the day of drive test - Some students don't get enough rest before the day of Vic Roads drive test. They are so anxious and nervous that they have not slept well the night before their drive test. The best option would be to take an extra hour sleep the night before your Vic Roads drive test when you are feeling tired because research has shown that when you are exhausted, your reflexes slow down and you can not make necessary quick decisions while driving.

Reason #8 Not having a suitable car for the drive test - it is important to have a roadworthy car for the Vic Roads drive test with all the controls in working order. If any of the car controls i.e. lights, indicators etc. are not working then the test will be terminated.

Reason #9 Underestimating the Vic Roads drive test - if you think that learning to drive is easy and that getting your license will be a walk in the park then you are very much mistaken. The Vic Roads driving test is not an ordinary driving assessment and it can take up to hours/days/months of behind the wheel training to master all the skills required for passing the Vic Roads Drive Test.

Reason #10 Not practicing in different weather conditions - you can not predict the weather on the day. It is not a cricket match that will get delayed because of the rain. It is very important that learner drivers have a wide learning experience in different weather and road conditions so that they are aware of the challenges to be faced on the day. Most learner drivers do their lessons in sunny weather conditions, but on the day of their Vic Roads Driver Test they are at risk of failing if they don't know how to drive properly on wet or slippery roads.

Reason #11 Choosing wrong timing for the Drive Test - many learner will pick up the school timings or busy morning rush hour traffic times for their drive test. They should keep in mind that in case they do not have driving experience in such traffic conditions then they might be struggling on the day of test. Best practice is to book in advance the preferred timings which should be normally the timings of the day you practice. 10am -1:30pm are considered to be bit quieter times on the roads.

Reason #12 Not prepared well in advance for the drive test - Learner's should start preparing well in advance before the actual drive test. They should attempt to practice as many times as possible on different roads and under different weather conditions like heavy rain, night driving etc. They should not leave the assessment lessons with a qualified driving instructor too close to the test date. It is always better to have time on hands in case you need more practice.

Reason #13 Not learning from the experiences shared to them by their friends & family - it is very important that you ask your friends/family members about their experience of the drive test. They might share some valuable information that might help you from making any critical error in the test that they might have done.

Reason #14 Not taking a Mock Drive Test with an accredited Driving Instructor - Before you actually attempt your Vic Roads drive test, it is always advisable that you take a mock drive test with an accredited driving instructor. This will help you get familiar with the surroundings and also will let you know about how much more practice you will need and the areas you need to improve upon. You can schedule this mock test at least 3-4 weeks before the actual test so that you have time to learn what you haven't been doing correctly.

Reason #15 Not using instructors car - Driving instructors cars are well equipped with safety features including reverse cameras which are of great assistance during the test while doing three point turn or reverse parallel parking. Failure to perform these slow manoeuvres will result in failure, so using instructors car does increase your chance of passing on the day. At Safe N Smart Driving School, all out fleet has an ANCAP safety rating of 5 star. Do visit to check out how we can assist you on the day of your drive test.

Reason #16 Being too nervous on the day of test - most of us tend to be nervous on the day of our driving test. There is nothing we can do about it; we need to overcome this feeling just before the drive test by taking more lessons from an experienced and accredited instructor who can help you build up your confidence. A good instructor knows that the learner driver needs to be confident on the day so that they do not make any critical errors and pass their drive test with flying colours.

Reason #17 Not stopping completely at the stop signs - Driving instructors will teach their learner drivers to stop completely at all the stop signs, but there is a chance they might fail to do so. If the car is rolling and not completely stopped for 3 seconds, it is marked as failure to stop at a stop sign and results in a critical error.

Reason #18 Not checking the speed limits in the area - most of the learner drivers fail to check the speed limit in the area when they move from one major road to another. Remember 50 means 50, not 53. Speeding in a drive test is not a critical error, it is immediate termination of the test.

Reason #19 Failure to give way and maintain a safe gap - if the learner driver fails to give way at intersections, roundabouts or give way while turning, this mistake will result in immediate termination if a dangerous situation has occurred. Always remember that there is no rush and take your time with the observations.

Reason #20 Rushing through changing lights - if the learner driver races through changing lights, it will be considered as a dangerous situation. Remember that you must stop when the light is amber if its safe to do so and not to proceed until it changes green.

Reason #21 Not checking mirrors too often - it is important to be aware of the traffic conditions around you and keep checking your mirrors at regular intervals. Remember that your are being marked for observations while doing the drive test. Not checking the mirrors will result in too many NO for observations resulting in failing the drive test.

Reason #22 Not doing head checks or doing unnecessary head checks where not required - it is important for learner drivers to check their blind spots every time before changing lanes, turning left over a bike lane, merging or moving off from a stationary position. Make sure that there is no bike approaching when crossing a bike lane, in case there is then give way before you turn safely. It is important to know when you need to do a head check. Unnecessary head checks will mean taking the eyes off the road when it is not required.

Reason #23 Failing to listen to the instructions given by the LTO - learner drivers are required to listen to the instructions given by the driving examiner. Remember, you can always ask the LTO to repeat the instructions if you are not clear rather than doing something which you are not asked to do. Failure to constantly disobey instructions might result in termination of the drive test.

Reason #24 Assuming you are doing fine and making more errors - It is always good to check if you are abiding by the instructions given. Erratic moves will not get you a pass in the Vic Roads drive test. You might have done critical errors and you might not be even aware of it. So always remember, the test is not over until you have parked safely back in the Vic Roads parking.

Reason #25 Assuming you have already failed - It is advisable to never assume you have failed the Vic Roads drive test. This will prove counterproductive and can lead to mental panic which in turn might result in errors which might be termed as critical by the driving examiner. So always remember, if you think you have made a serious error, do not let your next move be influenced by it and continue with the drive test until is is over.

So here we are, 25 easy to understand tips that will make sure that you have the best possible chance of passing your Vic Roads Drive Test in the very first attempt. At Safe N Smart Driving School, we ensure that your learning journey is smooth and you are all prepared for the drive test and pass it with flying colours. Before you think about booking a drive test, make sure you have enough practice and hours behind you and you are familiar with the Vic Roads Drive Test Criteria. In case you need any further assistance with Mock Drive Tests, Assessment Lessons, Vic Roads Drive Test Booking then do not hesitate to contact us on 0423240629 or visit our website to check out for various Test Package options that might suit your need.

Thank you for taking out your valuable time for reading out this article. Hope you did find the tips mentioned in the article helpful. Do leave a comment or contact us if you will need any assistance with your Vic Roads Drive Test.

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